Monday, May 31, 2010

Getting Immigration Right

F1 Students on OPT.
From my research I found a number of countries where if you are an international student who may have worked part-time while you study for undergraduate degree or post graduate full time; or worked full time after studying such a person have the freedom to apply for a temporary resident visa and temporary work permit based on number of years pursuing a degree in that country. In those countries applying for temporary resident visa and temporary work permit may be done with or without a contract from an employer and they also have the option to extend such permits. Additionally, if the student have a spouse or children they are allowed to apply for a work permit by him or herself. Why is that not the case in the USA where there are so many positions full-time, part-time and contract jobs for which these graduates meet the job requirements particularly in the Information Technology, business field, management, teaching, nursing. If a graduate from a USA university or college have the degree required and meet the requirements for a job in which he or she is interested and the employer is also interested, then such a student should be able to apply for a temporary resident visa and work permit on his or own. If such a worker keeps this job for 8 months minimum full time and contributes to the success of the organization for which he or she works then such a person should be able to file for his or her permanent residency individually. This has established that such a worker have a skill that is needed in this USA and in effect can contribute to the success of the company for which he or she works and similar companies and as a result to the growth of the USA economy. Also, by the fact that the person can successfully hold a job and contribute to the success of an organization and he or she can earn a salary then he or she can establish himself or herself in the USA. Yes the USA is going through a recession and employers are still cutting jobs. But how long can this jobletting (bloodletting) continue and the economy recovers sooner successfully? Some of those workers were released under the guise of re-organization or downsizing but the truth be told is that some of those workers may have needed new skills. International graduates among the rest of graduates have some of those required skills today. Why allow so called protectionism to slow down the recovery of this economy? This economy recovers then the world economy recovers because today we are in a global market place. There are international graduates with skills, education, experience and enthusiasm that are needed today. Why do those students after working on OPT have to extend OPT for 17 months via STEM program waiting on companies to apply for H1B visa because there is not enough H1B visas. Reader what do you think? Let us start a discussion while senate and congress put immigration issues on the back burner.

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